1. No Burnouts or Excessive Speed – Please be mindful of our crowd and hosts’ property. Excessive speed would be considered anything over 10 mph in or around the Mall parking lot. This rule also applies to the entrance and exit area on and from Southside Blvd and Phillips Highway. Please DO NOT speed or burnout exiting the event. We have JSO police on duty and they patrol both the parking lot, and adjacent entry/exit streets, including Southside Blvd and Phillips Hwy. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespecting this rule. Our JSO officers will be forced to take proper action if needed. 
  2. No loitering on the Mall sidewalks or near the Mall exits and entrances.
  3. No parking in spots designated for The Avenues Mall employees or early guests.
  4. No parking or loitering in the parking garage area. The parking garage is off-limits during the show times (designated for shoppers only please!).
  5. If you are asked to park in another area by staff, please do so or you may be asked to leave.
  6. No Parking on grass areas or curbs.
  7. Early arrival is encouraged to find a desirable parking spot.
  8. The event is over at 11am. We ask that all vehicles exit by 11:30am. (If you are staying at the Mall to shop, you may leave your vehicle)
  9. Do not park your car and leave it after the event end time. It is subjected to The Avenues Mall property rules and may be towed at the owner’s expense. The exception is if you plan on shopping at the Mall during business hours.
  10. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages of any type on the premises.
  11. No Skateboarding of any kind.
  12. No flying of Drones unless you have been granted permission and carry the proper liability insurance policy.
  13. No remote control cars/trucks/etc.
  14. No excessively loud music.
  15. No active promotion or handing out of products and/or services. You must be an approved sponsor to actively promote material at our venue. Contact Us if you wish to sign up.
  16. Please be respectful of other vehicles by refraining from opening doors, sitting in cars or leaning on another person’s vehicle without permission.

We want to keep our event thriving and at the same time keep our event a safe and friendly environment for everyone. The Avenues Mall security staff, our JSO Officers, or staff and volunteers may ask that you leave our event if you fail to obey any of the rules. *Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. **Automotive Addicts is no longer associated or directly affliated with the Cars & Coffee event in Jacksonville, FL. Please visit the new home of Cars & Coffee Jacksonville at