Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the bathrooms located?

Bathrooms are located inside of The Avenues Mall. Go through the food court (main) entrance. Bathrooms will be found to the left or right of the food court area or designated areas. Please respect our host’s facilities.

Are there parking spots that are off-limits to car show participants?

Yes. We ask that you NOT park in spots left for The Avenues Mall employees and shoppers, who will be parked closest to the entrance doors. We may ask that you move your vehicle if those spots are taken. We must respect our hosts’ wishes to leave parking spots open for employees and early shoppers.

Is there a place to purchase Food and/or Coffee/Drinks?

Yes. The Avenues Mall has worked with Starbucks (open at 9am) and other Food Court facilities, such as Chick-fil-a open at 7am, to sell coffee and food items for your enjoyment. We ask that everyone respect the property by picking up after yourself and use the trash cans when finished with your items inside or outside of the mall.

Can you bring your Dog?

Yes, Dogs are welcome. However, we ask that you are a responsible owner and keep them on a leash and clean up after them if needed. Dogs (or any other animals) are not permitted inside of the mall unless special permission is given or there are special circumstances (seeing-eye dog, etc.).

Are there assigned parking spots?

We do not assign parking spots. However, to keep some organization we may ask that certain vehicle makes park with like makes. Additionally, some months we have manufacturer-sponsored spots in a central area of the Mall parking lot. Please be mindful of any special announcements.

Is the event FREE and why are there Sponsors?

Yes, the event is Free. To keep our event free, we have worked closely with local businesses who you may see listed and displayed as our sponsors. Our sponsors help underwrite our show and ultimately make the event possible. Vendors are not at our event for free. Through sponsorship, they underwrite advertising, police presence, insurance, web costs, signs, equipment, etc. Without their partnership we wouldn’t have a show at all.

Why are there months when certain type vehicles exclusive to one manufacturer park in a designated area?

We have had several manufacturers approach us about sponsoring our event. With their support of our event through sponsorship, we invite like makes and models to park with their sponsored manufacture vehicles. While it takes a community effort, the vehicle manufacturer’s support helps underwrite our show.

Will we move our event to another location?

The event for December 10, 2016 marked our last event at The Florida Times-Union location. We have secured a new location at The Avenues Mall, 10300 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256. Additional details are provided on our announcements page here or through our general informational home page at

Can you volunteer?

Certainly. We ask that you fill out the Contact Us form and we will try to get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Is there a certain area for spectators?

Yes. We ask that anyone NOT showing a vehicle or actively participating in the venue park in the overflow lots on either sides of the mall (next to Sears or next to Belk). We also ask that you NOT park in spots left for The Avenues Mall employees and shoppers, who will be parked closest to the entrance doors.

What happens when it rains?

Our event goes on rain or shine. The Avenues Mall will allow us to park under their covered garage area by Sears and Dillard’s with a couple hundred parking spots that we utilize in the event of rainy weather.

Can you display a For Sale sign in/on your car?

Yes. The only limitations we have for displaying printed material and/or advertisements in or on your car is if it is actively promoted by you or individuals from your company/business. You must be an approved sponsor to display and actively promote products and/or services. Vehicle wraps, decals, and stickers are okay – because we realize folks will have such items on their vehicle.

My car is not Show-Worthy. Can I still come?

Yes. We do not discriminate against certain vehicles or their current condition. However, we do ask that those who wish to spectate and not show off their vehicle, park in the designated spectator parking areas. Vehicles that owners consider not to be “show worthy,” should park in the spectator lots whenever possible.